November 30th, 2021 – pt. 1

Welcome back! If you’re new around here, shoot me an email at to say hello and introduce yourself…

I’m breaking one of the core rules of content creation and publishing a two part blog entry today, because frankly, why not?

There are a fair number of updates that I wanted to share and it felt cool to do a two part blog post – so edgy…

First and foremost, I wanted to pass along info and invite you all to check out the Accrete Art Collective ( pop-up gallery on Walnut Street, in the old Opie Taylor’s location. The first night of it being open was last Friday (Nov. 26th) which corresponded with the lighting of the square. As someone with a piece in the gallery, it was incredibly awesome and inspiring to see so many folks swinging through before, during, and after the lighting ceremony. Pieces were selling, people were posting photos and videos on social media; it was exactly what anyone involved or supporting this type of venture would be incredibly excited to see.

The next opportunity to check out the gallery and support the artists is this Friday – December 3rd – from 5:00 to 8:30pm. The initial plan is to also be open on Saturday night to correspond with the Krampus festivities downtown as well. Most, if not all of the pieces are available for sale and Danny is offering financing as well to help ease the purchase process, if need-be.

I promise you will enjoy it.

Secondly, the studio officially opened up November 22nd and to celebrate, I’m offering $25 off for all sessions booked to happen during the month of December. Just shoot me a message, an email, IG DM, smoke signals, whatever to schedule an hour session together, and I promise you’ll be very thrilled with the results. I’m specifically looking to do creative branding portraits of:

  • musicians
  • chefs
  • writers
  • artists
  • athletes
  • other creative types

Lastly, I enjoy photographing things that I enjoy and find interesting. I’m not just a portrait photographer, a landscape photographer, a sports journalist, a website and branding photographer, etc.

I’m a photographer.

With that said, I want to photograph vintage cars, sports events, racing, fashion shoots, outdoors/upland scenes, concerts, guy “stuff.” If you think you have an “in” with any of these types of opportunities or want to work creatively and collaboratively to make these opportunities come together, shoot me an email and let’s set-up time to chat. If I’m excited enough by the opportunity, it will likely cost you nothing for my time or services either. Sometimes I take on work to help pay the bills, a lot of times I take on work because I want to create cool images of something interesting and unique and frankly the bills can go to hell.

Thanks and hope you’ll check out pt. 2!