November, 2021 : a few updates worth sharing

It has been a busy couple of weeks since the website went live, so I wanted to share a short blog update to keep you all in the loop on what I’m up to.

i. Last week I officially moved ahead with signing a lease for a studio space on the square in downtown Bloomington. I consider Bloomington my hometown, and am both excited and proud to plant my flag here in our great town. For those who are wondering, the studio is above Caveat Emptor on the east side of the square (near establishments like Malibu Grill and Gather). Here’s the address:

112 N. Walnut Street, Suite 1000
Bloomington, IN 47404

As I continue to push myself to focus more on portraiture and personal branding photography, this studio space is and will be a gamechanger. I’ve got seamless paper backgrounds, multiple light options, and all the necessary equipment to take really stunning and artistic images so if you’re interested in working together in this way, please don’t be shy! Additionally, I plan to offer my space for rent (when I’m not using it) to other photographers. If you’re interested in learning more, shoot me an email or message on social media. 

ii. I’ve recently done two family photo sessions that have gone great and produced results that both clients are extremely happy with. I currently don’t have more of these types of sessions scheduled, so if this is something you’ve been thinking about with your family, let’s connect to discuss how I can help you achieve the look you’re thinking about. Compared to other professional photographers in the area, my fee for this type of session is incredibly fair, and I assure you you’ll be ecstatic with the results.

iii. I don’t want to put the cart before the horse, but this week I’ve got an initial meeting set-up with folks from Visit Bloomington ( to discuss shooting an event in late January for them that they’ll be able to use for both social media and marketing purposes. This is an incredibly fun way to work with organizations, so I really hope we can come to terms and get it on the books to go ahead with working together in the new year.


Courtesy of their website

iv. Last but not least, I want to give an example of how I might be able to work with you in a creative way that I think tends to be forgotten or overlooked… After happening to swing-by a car show a few weeks ago at Switchyard Park, I posted my favorite images from the show on social media. The daughter of one of the guys that was there saw my image, reached out afterwards, and subsequently hired me to come do a session this month at their home to shoot more images of their classic cars so that they can be printed and given as Christmas gifts for her dad. The subject does not matter to me (although I love cars, motorcycles, etc.). If you have something of personal importance that you want to memorialize forever, I’d love to talk with you about it. That is one of the superpowers of a good photographer.  

Thanks for stopping by! Send me an email at to say hello.