My first attempt at putting together a photography book… is underway.

As of yesterday, January 12th, 2022, I am officially underway with creating the imagery and content for a book project I’m undertaking.

WRV Worthington Elementary School Concessions

There’s a ton to still work out, but my goal is to create a photography book capturing and sharing images of rural high school basketball gyms across southern Indiana. There have been a few books already created that are similar in scope and topic, but my particular creation will be solely focused on rural southern Indiana.

For inspiration, I’ve looked to the work done by the Hoosier Hardwood Project, but really it boils down to growing up here, attending my fair share of small high school games as a kid, and now shooting sports photography for the Greene County Daily World as to why I’m inspired to do this.

White River Valley High School

The focus will be on the images and there won’t be a ton of text, so if you’re looking for something to keep you turning pages while you’re on your family vacation, this likely won’t fit the bill.

But, if you love high school basketball, the communities of rural Indiana, or want something beautiful to peruse and place on your coffee table, I hope to provide something you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

Wide Angle Shot of the WRV Worthington Elementary Gym

I kicked off the photography portion of this project at White River Valley High School and the old gym at WRV Worthington Elementary School (built in 1941).

WRV Worthington Elementary Gym

More to come… If you know any Superintendents, Principals, or Athletic Directors at rural Indiana high schools, please let them know I’d love to get in touch and come by to shoot photos.