hello my neglected website blog

i’m still here, and doing my best to be a duck – head above water, and feet paddling like hell.

this will be a short post… there are a couple things i wanted to put in writing and highlight, especially for folks that are just finding me.

  1. most of my day-to-day updates happen on instagram, especially my stories. if you aren’t following me yet on there, please do. i’m @baechtold.jpg (https://www.instagram.com/baechtold.jpg/).
  2. i post links to all of my galleries of images on both instagram and facebook. there’s usually a few days delay between when i shoot something and when a gallery gets shared out in the internet. i’ve got two facebook pages (https://www.facebook.com/paul.baechtold/ and https://www.facebook.com/paulbaechtoldphotography/). follow them both if you’d like!
  3. if you want the CHEAPEST way to have access to my images, then become a paying subscriber on my patreon page (at least the $5/month subscriber level). i charge $5 per digital download to the general public, but for $5/month you get the privilege of downloading any of my images for free. it’s a crazy good deal and it’s worth it to me to build up consistent, monthly income. here’s the link to the patreon page (https://www.patreon.com/PaulBaechtoldPhotography). i currently make $40/month on patreon, so all subscriptions moving forward are VERY appreciated.
  4. the best way to ensure i’m taking photos of people or events that you want me to shoot is to hire me. i’ve pinned information about how to go about doing that starting july 1st on both instagram and my facebook pages. if i’m not hired to do specific work, i shoot what i want.
  5. at the conclusion of the spring sports season, i will be taking a bit of a hiatus in terms of taking on new work until the fall. i will be traveling frequently back and forth between bloomington and huntingburg as a team photographer for the dubois county bombers and will be primarily focused on that through july / early august. if we already have agreed for me to be somewhere for you, that’s still happening so don’t fret – i just want to devote the vast majority of my focus this summer to what i’ve agreed to do with the bombers. my hope is that this opportunity could parlay itself into future work opportunities in minor or major league baseball, so it’s a huge priority for me.
  6. while i’m busy working with the bombers, i will also be taking on bookings for the fall for senior photos. feel free to shoot me an email at baechtpa@gmail.com if you’re interested in more info about those.

    that’s all for now. thanks for being here and supporting me. here’s a few recent images i am a big fan of (sorry for the loss of quality, unfortunately the images get compressed like hell):